Head Kore 117 Demo Skis w Bindings, 2018

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Burly as a lumberjack but nimble as a cockroach, the Head Kore 117 Skis smoke big and deep lines like nothing that's come before. Head pulls out all the stops on the KORE construction, using a Karuba wood core, KOROYD® honeycomb, and a Graphene carbon sandwich construction as well as Topless Tech (no plastic topsheet) to bring the weight down without losing the guts. Even though conceived as a deep snow weapon, the KORE 117 displays incredible stability and edge grip when pushed on hardpack and shows its true personality at speed. In essence, the Head Kore 117 Skis are the exact hybrid offspring of a sumo wrestler and ballerina!


Size (cm) 180 189
Tip Width (mm) 145 145
Waist Width (mm) 117 117
Tail Width (mm) 129 129
Turning Radius (m) 24.6